At Kristin Butke Irish Dance class times and offerings vary across our locations. Typically, a beginning dancer will have one class a week. As dancers progress, more classes may be added to support continuous development. We also host summer camps and workshops throughout the year to give our dancers an opportunity to train with some of the best instructors and choreographers in the world.

In Irish dancing, competition level typically determines class level (beginner, advanced beginner, novice, prize winner, preliminary champion, open champion). Not everyone wants to be a competitive dancer. That’s OK! We know that and have designed level-based program that we feel better suits all our dance families. 

Levels are outlined below. Please ask your teacher know if you have any questions about appropriate classes for your dancer.  Final class placement will be determined by the teaching staff.

Please note: dancers may be asked to remain at the same level for more than 1 year.

Core Class Levels

Level Description
1New Students
1xDancers who have 1 year or more of Irish dance but are not ready for hard shoe.
2Dancers who have 1 year of Irish dance and are ready for hard shoe.
2xDancers who need more work on traditional hard shoe.
3Dancers who have danced for two years, or more, and are working on traditional hard shoe.
3xDancers who have 3 traditional hard shoe dances (hornpipe, treble jig, and St. Patrick’s Day) and can start learning slow material.
4Novice dancers, or dancers who have learned slow treble jig and slow hornpipe.
5Novice dancers who have won first in novice and first year prize winner dancers, or dancers who have been dancing 4 years or more.
6Second- or third-year prize winner dancers.
7Preliminary Champion dancers
8Open Champion dancers
*All dancers and their families are expected to follow all Kristin Butke Irish Dance policies, written or verbal, at all times. KBID has the right to dismiss dancer(s) and their families at any time or not adhering to the policies.